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DVF Blue Dress Size 8 Medium / Large


This is the dress Lorelai wore in episode 6:22 The pivotal episode where she gives Luke an ultimatum and he stalls to act... Also the last episode of season 6, ASP's last stand. Vibrant blue silk dress with braided straps and braided wrap tie. Due to the wrap closure this dress can fit a bit bigger or smaller as needed. This dress would also be great displayed on a dress form and then you can confront it with the "why the heck did you sleep with Christopher" storm that brews inside you... The silver lining is that she, Luke and we now know that the Christopher "what if" option has finally played out and been taken off the table, so it would no longer be a tHerat to Lorelai and Luke's future... Pair this dress with a black cardigan, shrug or shawl and short silver necklace to complete the look. Size 8 medium - large

Well, once that ol' Dragonfly was up and running, Lorelai's wardrobe celebrated the success by ushering in Diane Von Furstenberg Dresses, namely the iconic wrap dress. To own a DVF dress really is having an investment piece in your closet; they retain value over time, and there is a market for vintage DVF dresses. But aside from that, the wrap dress is just a classy, sexy, flattering garment that is super comfy to boot thanks to the silk jersey fabric most are made of. You will definitely feel like Lorelai in a one of these dresses... Next thing you know, you might consider opening an inn, or at least attempting to "check in" friends and family who come over to visit.

* Note: Due to the wrap styling of the dress, it is hard to get a proper measurement. These dresses do tend to run a little on the smaller size, but also, due to the nature of the wrap, there is some play especially if you are in between sizes, and especially in the waist and hip area you can easily go up and down a size by adjusting how much you wrap it.

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