DVF Colorful Wrap Dress Size 4 Small

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As seen on Lorelai in episode 5:18 Brown background with colorful print and a long lilac sash. Dress has a collar neck and short sleeves. Size 4 small


Well, once that ol' Dragonfly was up and running, Lorelai's wardrobe celebrated the success by ushering in Diane Von Furstenberg Dresses, namely the iconic wrap dress. To own a DVF dress really is having an investment piece in your closet; they retain value over time, and there is a market for vintage DVF dresses. But aside from that, the wrap dress is just a classy, sexy, flattering garment that is super comfy to boot thanks to the silk jersey fabric most are made of. You will definitely feel like Lorelai in a one of these dresses... Next thing you know, you might consider opening an inn, or at least attempting to "check in" friends and family who come over to visit.

* Note: Due to the wrap styling of the dress, it is hard to get a proper measurement. These dresses do tend to run a little on the smaller size, but also, due to the nature of the wrap, there is some play especially if you are in between sizes, and especially in the waist and hip area you can easily go up and down a size by adjusting how much you wrap it. It would be the fit in the arms (if the dress is long sleeve) and possibly the chest, so if you are very, um, endowed in those regions, go up a size; you could even have a tailor remove the arms, after all, sleeveless versions of the wrap dresses are made! The silk jersey does have slight stretch to it. And if all else fails, dress up a dress form, set it up in your TV watching room and watch movies together; she'll promise to abide by all movie night rules.