Welcome to our little clothing corner of the world! Gilmore Garbs is a thrift boutique, offering clothing inspired by & as seen on the show Gilmore Girls! So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, get situated (squish around a little) & have a looksie about! Luckily the "you break, you buy" rule does not apply here. Be sure to read the "About The Shop" section for more info & thanks so much for visiting - ah, we appreciate your business!
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Here you'll find all the currently available Gilmore Girls garbs the shop has to offer from both the "As Seen On" & "Inspired By" collections! 

Gilmore Girls clothing & fashion! Wish you could dress like Lorelai Gilmore or Rory Gilmore? Here you will find every Gilmore Girls related dress, coat, blouse, jacket and so so much more - everything Gilmore Garbs has to offer is right here in this collection! 

Use the "browse by" drop down box to narrow your selection by size, character or type of garb!