About The Shop

Gilmore Garbs is an online thrift boutique offering the good fans of Stars Hollow clothing “as seen on” as well as inspired by the show, the Gilmore Girls. If there was a high end second hand clothing shop in Stars Hollow, this would be it. Most of the pieces offered are bog name designer/boutique and barely worn unless otherwise noted (some are even new old stock - they were never worn).

Gilmore Garbs offers fans the tangible chance to get closer to their beloved "girls" by helping you dress the part. After all, the fashion of the show is a character in its own right. Whether you abfab-ly loved the fashion or simply found it amusing, it's undeniable: what the Gilmores wore was part of the quirky charm while visually adding to who they are. So, Gilmore Garbs is here to help - to be your Gilmore personal stylist.

Dressing in a Gilmore-esque outfit definitely puts a little spring in your step and is a must for any Gilmore Girl fan! Whether you are preparing for a watch party, a personal binge-a-thon, or maybe even a date night with a possible Luke or Dean (insert Rory-boy-of-choice), Gilmore Garbs will have you covered - literally.

Clothing listed as "inspired by" are thoughtfully curated garments that, like the name implies, are inspired by the fashion on the show. These garbs are often by the same designers/labels worn on the show. 

Clothing listed as "as seen on the show" are matches to garments that were seen on the show - this does not mean that the garment for sale was the one actually physically the worn on the show!  Not only is it super fun to wear, especially when your watching the episode its in, these garbs are fun to display as well - it’s like having a Lorelai and/or Rory hanging out with you right in your own home (yes I talk to my dress forms and we have coffee together). Remember, even Lorelai keeps a dressed form in her living room! Win win! 

A bit about the process:
It's been a lot of fun assembling the collections and making little Stars Hollow-esque sets to photograph the clothes against, but it also has been A LOT of work and time tracking down pieces. Though the clothing is second hand, most are high end boutique and designer labels that not only cost a pretty coin off the rack, but have held their value - some can even be considered vintage (how has it been 20 years since the show premiered!) and many are rare finds! So please keep in mind these garbs value, rarity, cost and all the work/time put into getting them and showcasing them!


We currently do not offer returns. Please refer to descriptions, photos and the measurements to ensure the proper fit. 


When "waist" measurement is given, this is for the natural waist; the narrowest part below the rib cage. Keep in mind when measuring yourself, if there needs to be extra wiggle room, especially if it is not a stretch fabric and if a garment is meant to be worn with room - so factor that into your measurements! Sizing is measured flat across one side; thus for waist and hips, you double the listed flat across measurement when comparing your measured around figure. And support your local tailor (not Taylor, well, him too if you got one)! Tailors can always take Something in for you, or make adjustments like taking in/out hems etc. 

I hope you enjoy the shop and find something(s) you adore! YaYa! 

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See you around the quad!


Gilmore Garbs 




Please Note: This shop has no direct association with the show Gilmore Girls or its creators

The term 'as seen on' does not mean the article being offered was actually worn on the show; rather it refers that it is of similar likeness/style/brand