Welcome to our little clothing corner of the world! Gilmore Garbs is a thrift boutique, offering clothing inspired by & as seen on the show Gilmore Girls! So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, get situated (squish around a little) & have a looksie about! Luckily the "you break, you buy" rule does not apply here. Be sure to read the "About The Shop" section for more info & thanks so much for visiting - ah, we appreciate your business!
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Updated! 6/18 - A Note About Ways To Search On The Site!

Gilmore Garbs Search

Hi Hi! 

I thought I would take a break from having an in depth conversation with my Rory dress form about our favourite Twain quotes, to write a bit about how to look around on the Gilmore Garbs site! 

From the main page you have three highlighted collections to choose from, "As Seen On" - where you can find garbs like the ones worn on the show, "Inspired by" - here you will find thoughtfully curated pieces inspired by the styles our girls wore (most of them are by the same designers). And lastly, "View All" which is the recommended collection, so you see all the great pieces the shop has to offer! Then, on each collection page there is a "browse by" and "sort" feature  - "Browse By" refines the page, if needed, whether it be by character, size, or type of garb. "Sort" will sort the order of the items on the page, for example if you want to see what's new in the shop, simply sort by "date new to old". 

Aside from the highlighted collections on the home page, you can view all the collections in the menu drop down on the top of the page. Though the 3 collections in the main page are the recommended ones to view, there are collection broken down even more if you just want to look at, say, jackets, or dresses. Also, there is a new collection showing past "as seen on" garbs to give you an idea of some of the aso pieces that have been in the shop!

You can always search for things in the search box (depending on your device or how you decide to hold your tablet, the search box would also be found in the drop down menu bar) though you may risk missing something if your keywords are not the same as the shop. But you can still search sizes, and if you saw a recommended search term for an item from one of Gilmore Garbs Instagram/Facebook posts use search to find that item more quickly! 

Hope this helps you to better in finding your Gilmore Garbs! 


"Their costumes, as to architecture, were the latest fashion intensified; they were rainbow-hued; they were hung with jewels--chiefly diamonds. It would have been plain to any eye that it had cost something to upholster these women."
- The Gilded Age, Mark Twain


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