July Updates!

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Hey hi hello!

There are a few new updates to the shop I wanted to share!

Mailing List - Can you read me now?

First, I'd like to address that since I started using an automated email client for my occasional shop emails, I've notice a lot of emails go unread and I know for those that use gmail, gmail sorts your email automatically and the shops emails are probably getting defaulted into gmails "promotions" folder. Not sure if there is a way around that, so for now I am individually emailing everyone on the mailing list (yay) to be sure you get this email, and ask that you add GilmoreGarbs@gmail.com to your email contacts in hopes it wont default future emails to promotions or spam folders.

Shop Updates!

So the "collections" section (which are like mini categories of everything) had a revamp - there use to be a lot, and I realized, since you can use the "browse" and "sort" features on each page, I only don't need to have a collections page, for example, dresses. It's repetitive and redundant. It's repetitive and redundant. ?So the collections have been slimmed down to the key categories and you can then narrow your results, ie size, character, garb type, with the "browse" feature, and then if you'd like, use "sort" to how you want them listed, ie by newly listed etc.

But there have been some new collections added!

"Accessories, Bags & Backpacks", "Jewelry" & "Plus Sizes"! This way there is a quick way to get to those categories (you still could use "browse" from the main collections pages to view them) but giving them their own collection page highlights them more!

I hope you haven't fallen asleep on me yet! 


Im so excited about the Jewelry collection! It is heavily inspired by our gal Lorelai - she wore some great, sometimes whimsical, always fun and pretty pieces, especially once season 3 hit!

Plus Sizes

And im equally excited to offer more Plus Sizes. It is hard to find As Seen On garbs in plus sizes - designers, especially back then, only catered up to a certain size. But I have more control when it comes to selecting Inspired By pieces, and put time and love into finding just the right ones to make you feel your inner Gilmore, and have you second questioning that they aren't a as seen on piece!

Both of these new collections are in small batches as I see how well you respond to them. If they are received well, I'll keep stocking more!

Both of these new collections can be found in the shop under the Collections section from the Menu at the top of any page on the site.

New Items!

With that said, there also have been new items added to the shop. As always if you want to see everything, or just whats new, select a collection and sort by date!

Be sure to check back through out the week as a few more new pieces will be going into the shop through out the week!

Show me your Gilmore Garb!

Lastly, I would love to showcase customers and their Gilmore Garbs! If you purchased something from the shop, send me a photo of you rocking your inner Gilmore Girl! I'll be sharing this on Facebook and Instagram - you can opt in or out for name credit, & if you prefer to not have your face in the shot - I get it, some of you can be shy ? but I'd love for you to share - so lets share some garbs with the world! You can send photos to me via email, Facebook or Instagram! And you can include your name or handle, and what you love about your Gilmore garb!

Ok, thats all the exciting updates for now! Hopefully some news on the mini you tube vlog series will be addressed soooon! Im working on it!

Hope you love all the new stuff, thank you for supporting my little clothing corner of the world, and have been well!


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